Artificial Grass

A beautiful lawn has many benefits. Not only does it look good, it brings a calm, relaxing feel to any outdoor area.

What isn’t so relaxing, is the effort it takes to keep a natural lawn beautiful… Not just the watering and mowing, but making sure you don’t end up with patches from heavy foot traffic or leaving objects on the grass for just a couple of days.

With artificial grass, all the headaches that come with a natural lawn disappear and you are left with more time to enjoy your garden.

Apart from no need for mowing or watering, there are many advantages to an artificial lawn over a natural one, including; Resistance to heavy foot traffic (no more¬† muddy patches), a year round green that doesn’t fade in the winter, and best of all, no weeding!

Years ago, artificial grass was cheap and nasty unless you wanted to spend a small fortune. With technological advances over the years, it is now more affordable than ever to get a beautiful looking lawn that is hard to distinguish from the real thing.

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