Carpet Floors

Carpet flooring is a great way to bring a warm and inviting feel to a room or office. Carpet can also help to save energy by insulating a room from heat loss.

At Murch Flooring, we offer a range of carpet flooring solutions depending on the application.

We offer traditional fit carpets for both wood and stone sub floors, as well as stick down carpet for more commercial applications such as schools and areas of heavy foot traffic.

We can also fit domestic carpets for living rooms, bedrooms and stairs.

Carpets come in a range of styles from long to short pile and in a huge number of colours.

A high quality installation is what makes carpet floors last. At Murch Flooring, we use the best materials and installation techniques to make sure your carpet doesn’t move, bunch up or lift at the edges.

Feel free to ask us any questions you have about carpet floors and which type is best for your application.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes, so please feel free to use the form below and get in contact with us so we can help with your flooring needs.

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