Linoleum Flooring (Lino)


Linoleum flooring (often shortened to lino), despite the popular belief, is not the same as vinyl flooring.

Often, when we get asked to provide samples of lino we find that the customer actually meant vinyl.

The difference between the two is the material it is made of.

Vinyl is composed of man-made materials whereas Linoleum is made of natural fibres including linseed oil, cork and wood.

The difference you’ll notice is that Linoleum flooring lasts a lot longer, 20 – 40 years with periodic re-sealing, as opposed to vinyl which lasts up to around 15 – 20 years.

The difference for us is in the installation, Lino is not as easy to lay as vinyl. It’s a specialist job.

Thankfully, here at Murch Flooring, we have many years of experience installing high quality Linoleum floors.

You can be sure of the perfect finish and seal to keep you floor looking it’s best for years to come.

We can also help with the re-sealing and maintenance of your linoleum flooring to keep it looking brand new.

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